Our Mission - help create the map for your future

We believe in guidance centered around our clients’ vision. Higher education and a career should align with your values. A particular college or job is a path towards your ultimate goal. We give our clients an edge by creating an individualized plan that leads to achieving their destiny. Our clients walk with us along the path to thrive in college and beyond.

Guiding the Journey

Life is like a hike, visualize where you want to go and we provide a personalized map.

Planning for Tomorrow

We have 1-2 hour conversations with prospective clients and draft unique plans to map their future.

Mapping Your Trajectory

Take control of your academic and professional path by locating your current position, relative to your goals.

Client-Centric Approach

Our strategy is to understand our client’s core values and create an adaptable map that provides them with many clear options. Time is the most valuable resource.
Education is the kindling of a fire,​ not the filling of a vessel.

What makes us different?

We have a better understanding of K-12 and higher education institutions from an up-close and high-level view through years of experience and research.

Colleges want students that will thrive and be successful in their career. A school’s counselor has on average 450 students. A 250/1 student counselor ratio would still not provide quality guidance. [1]

Time is the most valuable resource.
We study current trends in the education and job markets. We understand the needs and constraints of these institutions.

A sample of colleges that previous clients were accepted to

Aligning Current Status with Future Objectives

Your path is unique, your trail yet unblazed.

Wish there was a map to success?
No such thing… One must create the cartography. We know the terrain.

Life is a journey, we are your signpost.

We don’t simply guide people to college. We teach them to map out their worldview and build confidence to lead them into the future. To do this, we only work with a small handful of clients. We see and listen to our clients so they can articulate their personal, intellectual, knowledge, skill and career map.

Robert Park - Founder, Admissions Consultant
Charles Schaeffer — Director of Business

Who We Are

As fathers, Robert and Charles share the feeling that all other parents have: wanting the best for their children. Our admissions consultants are here to analyze your path and help chart a way to the future.

Robert graduated with a M.A. in journalism with a focus on education reporting. He also spent several years in many different public schools witnessing and advocating for better education.

Meet our Team

Robert Park

Robert has worked with students from Title I public schools to professionals accepted to top-5 MBA programs to Ph.Ds writing grants or on a job hunt and noticed a common problem. Students are often lost in the labyrinth of massive educational institutions. Robert created College Cartography to help students find their way.

Matthew Klinestiver

Matthew is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Matthew Klinestiver has helped countless students gain top SAT/ACT scores and receive admission at their target colleges. Moreover, Matthew has designed SAT and ACT curricula, practice tests, and video series. He has experience working in the United States, Taiwan, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

Charles Schaeffer

Charles, a former high school dropout who worked his way through college, understands the challenges of navigating the educational system. Despite starting in fast food, he earned scholarships to UC Berkeley and studied abroad in Germany, graduating with a B.A. in philosophy. With over 25 years of customer service experience as Director of Business, he pledges to address all your questions and concerns, ensuring your satisfaction.


The most valuable thing I got from this process was getting a very clear and concise understanding of myself and to verbalize that with people. That is such a useful skill no matter where I go. He will take the best part of yourself and then Shine the Light on the end, just makes it more visible.
Got acceptance to IE in Madrid for November 2011. It was a lot of hard work, but in the end it paid off! Wanted to thank you for your exceptional efforts throughout this process, always going above and beyond. You were always responsive, critical and thorough.
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